a journal of our edible education

The Language of Care

Alice Waters has said that beauty is the language of care.  We all know we are “cared for” when someone brings beauty into our lives.  Of course beauty can be found in many things and in many experiences.  An expensive piece of artwork or clothing is often what we imagine when we think of beautiful gifts but beauty often shows up in more subtle ways.  When someone invests time and thought into our lives with an eye for beauty a simple expression can become a masterpiece.  Cold water offered on a hot day in one of the “good” glasses, finding your sheets washed and the bed made and smoothed to perfection, a birthday cake with your name skillfully lettered with icing, a private concert of your child’s newly mastered recital piece, all of these gifts of beauty speak the language of care.  Here at OJA it is our goal to not only make sure this language is spoken to our students everyday but to also make sure that it is taught.  One small way we improve a child’s “grammar” is by giving them the opportunity to gather flowers on campus to give to someone special.  Today a bouquet was put together by four of our kindergarten boys to give to the office staff.  It was clear to them that this gift was beautiful and valuable.  They were so proud of what they had made and were eager to share it.  By creating something themselves and giving it away these students are learning to express care….. with a beautiful accent.


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