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The garden at Orlando Junior Academy would not be possible without many generous contributors.  Most great things are accomplished through cooperative effort and our garden is no exception.  Two contributors have recently helped to add a new item to our palette:  asparagus.  It’s possible that we are tempting the elements.  Many see Florida as being too far south for a good asparagus crop, but hey, if you’re not going to be a gambler why are you gardening.  Our first contributor to the “asparagus experiment” is Heather Tribou.  She has given us the actual seedlings to get us going.  Heather loves asparagus and has a heart for children and gardening.  She’s excited that her two pre-k’ers are watching food grow right outside their classroom.  Our second contributor lives nearby and though she has no students attending OJA she also has a heart for children.  Ginger works and resides at “Freedom Ride” an amazing facility that lets children with difficult challenges ride and interact with horses.  Ginger’s gift to the “asparagus experiment” was close to her heart (well actually a bit closer to her stomach).  Fertile soil is fundamental to robust asparagus, so her gift will give us the best possible chance of success.  A healthy garden has a variety of needs that are best met by a diversity of contributors.  Thanks Ladies!

Ginger from Freedom ride

Because of her genteel nature Ginger demurred when asked about the specifics of her gift.

Students Planting Asparagus

See more about Freedom Ride here.


One response

  1. You are a gentleman, for certain. Women just don’t want to share things of this nature…TMI..shall I say. Just knowing you are grateful, makes her so very happy!

    May 3, 2012 at 8:24 pm

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