a journal of our edible education

So Many Seeds

As this school year comes to a close it seems like next year’s garden has already started.  If we want produce in August then getting seeds in the ground becomes a priority in May.  It looks like the summer rains have gotten an early start and the heat is definitely on, so the time is now.  Our kindergarten classes worked dilegently removing the seeds from the asian long beans we saved from last year, then carefully planted them in trenches under a bamboo trellis.  This is a great job for little, developing fingers.  It’s real work that they enjoy and can do very well.

A few of our sixth graders also helped to get the summer garden going by planting “Moon and Stars” watermelon seeds…






…and cotton seeds (which look like little q-tips). 

The students here are learning that our garden doesn’t take a summer vacation and that the little investments they make in May will make next year’s garden beautifully abundant.


One response

  1. Lynn Green

    This is so awesome!! How blessed these kids are to have their hands in the dirt and around these seeds! Thank you for investing the time to pass along the knowledge and experience to these young people (aka our future). Keep it up!

    May 19, 2012 at 11:47 am

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