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Pepper Update

Over Achiever

Anthropomorphism is inevitable when partnering with nature.  All around are examples of creatures that remind us of ourselves.  We often empathize with the curiosity of a kitten or the excitement of a puppy.   Sometimes we even find human qualities in things not alive, such as a babbling brook or a stoic boulder.  Sympathy for a pepper plant however, is just ridiculous…. until you look at this picture.  Just how much is one small plant expected to produce.  This overworked variety of Russian pepper is called “Healthy” but I’m betting it’s more like “Exhausted”.  Make no mistake though, once these turn red and sweet, pity will give way to want.


Musque de Provence

Magnifique N’est-ce pas?

Aren’t they beautiful?  Can the word voluptuous be used to describe a pumpkin? Some of them do look a bit premature but their vines had given up the ghost and leaving them on dry as dust plants seemed pointless.  Regardless, we’re calling this success.  Now its off to the refrigerator hoping they will last until August.  Feel free to leave recipe suggestions in the comments.  (assuming we have the heart to take a knife to these lovelies)

Portion Size Me

Meet the Reids.

Marshall Reid and his family visit the garden at Orlando Junior Academy

Marshall Reid (wearing a new “Homegrown” t-shirt”) and his family took time from their nationwide book tour to visit our garden and see what’s growing at OJA.  Marshall and his Mom, Alex, have written a book titled “Portion Size Me“.  Like many kids Marshall had found that unhealthy eating habits were beginning to have negative consequences in his life.  Unlike many kids Marshall decided to make a change, a big one.  After seeing the movie “Supersize Me”, a film that follows one man as he eats nothing but McDonald’s food for 30 days, Marshall committed to try the exact opposite.  For one month he would eat healthier food in appropriately sized portions.   After this positive experience, documented on Youtube,  the whole Reid family decided to take on the challenge of eating more consciously and healthfully.  “Portion Size Me” is an account of this family’s adventure.  The Reids  have gained national attention as a family that is on a journey in more ways than one.  They will be crossing the country in this Airstream trailer sharing their experience and learning from the experiences of others.

One Family on a Mission

 Perhaps what is most impressive about this family is their humble, honest approach to a healthier lifestyle.  Marshall’s mom, Alex, believes, “there’s no silver bullet.” and admits, “We are a work in progress.”   They just hope families across the country will join them as they swap unhealthy ingredients for better ones, shop local markets and farms when they can, stick to the correct portion sizes, and never give up on themselves. Thanks for stopping by Reid family.  Godspeed and safe travels!