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Planting Broccoli, Growing Buddies

Today the kindergarten classes planted broccoli seedlings right outside their classrooms.  The amaranth seeds they scattered last week have sprouted;  next week we hope to have them plant cabbage seedlings and maybe some carrot seeds.  They have done all of this with upper-grade garden buddies at their sides.  Encouraging these different age groups to work together helps to build trust, confidence and a little bit of patience.  This partnership is very interesting to watch.  As students work with someone who is much older or someone who is much younger, they each seem to become more aware of their own behavior and its impact.  Becoming aware of how our choices and behavior can influence our surroundings is one of the primary goals of the Edible Schoolyard, and this partnership does just that.  The students themselves reap the benefit of each other’s consideration. It can be very satisfying to have someone younger look up to you, and of course it is also very satisfying to have someone older show you care and affirmation.  It’s wonderful to watch both of these happen at the same time in our garden.


One response

  1. carianna

    That unique relationship that is built between the younger students and older students out in the garden permeates throughout the whole school day. On any given day, one can witness an older student reaching out for a high five as his younger buddy walks by, or a younger student running up for a hug from his older buddy on the playground. It seems there’s something in our dirt at OJA that goes right to the heart and soul of our students!

    September 22, 2012 at 8:24 am

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