a journal of our edible education

The Winter Garden

Since it is now officially winter it seems reasonable to show a few pictures of our winter garden.

Facing Southeast

Facing Southeast

Facing Northwest

Facing Northwest


Purple Cabbage

Purple Cabbage

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard

Winter is a great time to be in the garden at OJA.  Gone is the glare of  summer.  The sun is hanging low in the southern sky and casts a gentler light on our plants.  This blurs the line between edibles and ornamentals.  Everything is more beautiful.  A hay bale turns into a park bench.  Thinking seems more like day dreaming and working in this softer sunshine seems more like play.  Toil without sweat is a welcome change for students who tend to wilt a bit in the heat of August and September.  If you’ve ever slogged through a tropical summer you know what golden days these are.  It’s no “winter wonderland”  but we’ll make do.


One response

  1. From here in Tennessee, where we are finding comfort in front of the fireplace, you have made me long for an afternoon in the garden, there in Orlando. The photos are intoxicating…the purple cabbage is gorgeous, and swiss chard is one of my new favorites. Well done.

    December 23, 2012 at 8:38 am

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