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That’s What I’m Talkin’ About!


Sometimes it happens, not as often as we would like, but sometimes it does happen.  The thing that we imagined actually becomes a reality.  The words come out right. The puzzle piece fits. The ball goes through the hoop and there’s nothing but net.  It’s odd, but in big ways and in small ways we are often surprised when something actually works.  We are surprised because we live in a world where expectations are raised to the point of fantasy and disappointment with reality is a daily experience.  It’s easy to become so jaded when the product rarely lives up to the commercial.  Nowhere is commercial hyperbole more rampant than in seed catalogs.  Just open their pages and you will be convinced that the garden of Eden will pale in comparison to your own plot once you purchase a few packets of seeds.  The bounty that is promised is staggering.  Seed catalogs must be approached with a hefty shovel-full of skepticism.  But every now and then, it happens.  The pathetic little seed you receive in the mail, once planted, grows into the beautiful thing that you imagined.  Fortunately, the longer you garden and the more you learn, the more this occurs.  Such is the case with the beet pictured above.  We’ve grown many scrawny, piddly little beets that were hardly worth eating much less photographing, but this year I think we’ve got it.  For many, this may not seem like a big deal.  (Maybe you don’t even like beets) Thousands of people grow bushels of beets every year and think nothing of it.  Maybe that will be us one day, but honestly, I hope it’s not.  I hope we continue to be stunned when we pull something like this out of the ground.  Today, something will turn out as well as you imagined.  Don’t let it slip by unnoticed.  Celebrate it.  Eat it up.