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Seed Planting Blitz

Of course the clock is ticking.  It’s always ticking.  It just seems that this time of year the ticking gets louder when you realize that winter is coming.  Obviously, most of the country will scoff at Floridians who use the word winter to describe the months of December through March and in this heat those Floridians will have a hard time even remembering what winter is.  Their memory will be compromised in fevered brains as they try to navigate the delirious summer haze of the Target parking lot without having a stroke.  It’s easy to forget about frosty mornings when the daily rainstorm has left the asphalt literally steaming.  Nevertheless, frosty mornings are coming and even cold hardy crops need to be established before it gets cold.  Therefore, we’re planting seeds and we’re planting lots of them.

Miss Ellington Passing out Collard Green Seeds

Miss Ellington passing out Collard Green seeds


Planting Seeds in Pots


Seeds Planted

Seeds Planted

Tick Tock!


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  1. glenn

    i was there

    September 4, 2013 at 4:43 pm

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